F# Resources

A list of F# related stuff I've been involved with.

Beginning F# - Chapter 3: Functional Programming

Free chapter of "Beginning F#" my book. Download the pdf or view in google docs. All the examples from the book can be found on codeplex.

Functional NHibernate

A layer on top of NHibernate to allow users to create "code first" mappings in F#. Inspired by the Fluent NHibernate project.


A thin veneer of F#ness arround several different frameworks to make a light weight Mvc framework.

F# Raven Db Tools

Help using RavenDB from F# (and Newtonsoft.Json)


A thin veneer of F#ness arround log4net

Twit Memento

A twitter client written in F#

F# Collective Intelligence

A number of tools for Programming Collective Intelligence with F# (mainly inspired by Toby Segaran's book).