May 2004 Blog Posts

.Text blogging tool is not easy to set up.

  The first big difficultly I had was with the web.config file, choosing the right one is very import, yet there very little explination of the differnce between the configuration files. The configuration files rely heavily on the "HandlerConfiguration" node, this node and it's children provides a bunch of regualar expressions that match agaist the url and redirect you to the apporate places. I choose to use "Single1_Web.config" this was a big mistake as the regualar expression in this file are only suitable this is only sutiable if you intend to run you blog in the root of your web site. If...

F# updates

I'll be noting all f# updates in my blog, so you can just subscribe to the "F# updates" feed and be automatically informed of any new F# updates. On a related note I've added 5 new tutorals to the f sharp site. A summary of these is available here.