July 2004 Blog Posts

Running .NET installer classes – Reverse engineering what VS.NET does

Rob Mensching has been promising to put an updated version of WiX with better written documentation on sourceforget.net for a while now. But at the time of writing the May 27th build is still the latest one. But do you know what? I’m beginning not to care. I’m actually getting to the point where I can do anything I want: though the gifts of dark and orca (for examining what’s going on in an msi) and virtual pc for an easy way to test roll outs.   After the epic that was finding out...

CustomActions and uninstalls

I needed to add a CustomAction that removed the native image from the GAC. To do this I came across more slightly odd behaviour from the windows install platform so I thought I’d write a blog entry about it.   At first glance creating an uninstall action looks dead easy. Just create a custom action that does the opposite of what you did on install. In the case of ngen this is just adding an extra /delete switch, an absolute cinch! The syntax for the remove custom action is shown below. Note the use of...


A functional programing language being created with the mono framework. Interesting stuff: http://www.nemerle.org/