October 2004 Blog Posts

Aspf Demo

I’ve create this demonstration of how to implement active server pages in F#. Hope you like it.   The rest of the site should  be getting an overhall soon.

Laundry Come Bar

 I’ve recently moved into a new apartment in Copenhagen and it has no washing machine. This is why I was very pleased to find “The Laundromat Café”, a bar with a small laundry at the back. I thought this was a really neat idea, certainly makes waiting of you’re clothes to dry a lot more pleasant. If you’re in the Copenhagen area you should check it out, it’s on Elemgate 15, Norrebro.  

Interesting offer

  The Copenhagen Post is a news paper for English speakers living in Denmark. I tend to read it cover to cover because it’s very short and it’s weekly. It also gives me feeling of some local savvy. I spotted this interesting offer in the small ads sections.     Unfortunately I won’t be any where California in the near future so won’t be able to take him up on his offer (I’m assuming it is a bloke, but I bet I’m right). If someone out there is in California...

Subtle problem

The following two lines of code look innocent enough, but they create a problem that took us ages to track down. (Well not these exact lines of code but you get the idea).   IPAddress address = IPAddress.Parse(""); Console.WriteLine(address.ToString());   The problem is on Windows XP (SP 1) this works fine, on Windows 2003 this code throws a FormatException. The reason is although you’re running exactly the same managed code the framework relies on unmanaged code to do most of the work, it p/invokes a method “inet_addr” in “ws2_32.dll” and this must be different between the two platforms....

Creating a virtual directory with Wix works a treat

I’ve just tried out creating a virtual directory with Wix and there’s really not that much too it, there’s a couple of places where the syntax isn’t that intuitive but the compiler nudges you in the right direction. I thought I’d share my experience anyway as the Wix post seem quite popular and it’s often nice to have a template to start from if you’re setting out to do these things.   There’s just three parts to it, first you create the files for you’re website in the location of you’re choosing. Something like this:   <Directory...


Not strictly a wix site, but lots of interesting about windows installer: http://www.pduck.com