January 2005 Blog Posts

Extensible programming languages

I came across this article via Slashdot, which seems to be an abridge of an article that I’d already seen via lambda the ultimate.   The idea of extensible programming languages is interesting one but not a particularly a new one and nor do I think xml is the right tool for solving these problems.   XML as a programming language   XML is a good way of representing data, especially if the data needs to be passed between systems or serialised for storage. This is because there are well established API for processing xml so you don’t...

Visual Studio intergration for F#

Don Syme recently made this post about adding IntelliSense to the visual studio intergration of F#. Although I do missing the <ctrl>-<space>, there are some nice features to the current version. In fact the back ground error checking is better that C# in both visual studio 2003 and 2005. The F# intergration will warn you if you are using an type that does not exists, C# will not do this.   This can be seen in the two images below, first the F#:   Then the C#, no warning here:  

Don Syme has started a blog

Don Syme, the creater of F#, has started a web log, it's part of the msdn blogs site http://blogs.msdn.com/dsyme. This is going to be one to watch if you any interest in F#.