May 2007 Blog Posts

Life, F# and Silverlight

As I alluded to in my earlier post I’ve wanted to find the time to write a longer post on developing Silverlight application. Using Silverlight is very straightforward and does actually require you to install anything other than F# and the Silverlight runtime. What out when installing the runtime, turn version are available confusingly name “1.0 beta” and “1.1 alpha”. It is the “1.1 alpha” version that you need as this the only one that includes the new version of the CLR, the dynamic language runtime or the “DLR” (not to be confused with the Docklands Light Rail). Once installed you...

Game of Life in Silverlight and F#

I’m too tired to write a proper blog post about this but I managed to port DonSyme’s Game of Life Demo that comes with the F# Distribution to Silverlight. It’s not a full port as there were some UI events that I couldn’t get to work for love nor money – I think these maybe bugs in Silverlight itself. However the game does look pretty cool. Also Silverlight currently has no way to marshal back to the UI thread which makes multithreading a bit difficult. The game was relatively simple to port, in fact I kept the first few files, “alg.fsi”,...

Foundations of F# - Announcement

I know I've been very quite here lately. The reason for this is I've spend a lot of time working on _the book_. Anyway, all thats nearly over now, so hopefully I can get back to being a bit more chatty. Anyway, here is the announcement that I've made just a few moments ago on the that says its almost finished printing: