October 2009 Blog Posts

Speaking Engagements in Paris in October/November 2009

UPDATE:The talk tonight (29 Oct) at Zenika has been postoned till November due to unforeseen circumstances. I'll let you know the exact date as soon as it is confirmed. My apologies for this. I’ll be doing a talk about functional programming in F# at Zenika, this Thursday, 29th October at 19h, as part of their community program. The talk will cover what functional programming is and how a language like F# is adapted to functional programming. I’ll also be doing a talk at Epita with Laurent Le Brun on 12th November for the students at this college.

Functional Programming eXchange - 7th December 2009

I’m very happy to announce the “Functional Programming eXchange” which will take place in London at Skills Mater head quarters on the 7th December. I’ve been involved in organizing a program which will cover F#, Erlang, Scala and Haskell. The program has been designed to interested both people actively involved in functional programming in industry and working programmers with an interest in functional programming would like to learn more about how they can use these two techniques in their day job. The program will include, me, as well as: Duncan Coutts of Well-Typed Ganesh Sittampalam of Credit Suisse Anton Schwaighofer of MSR Sadek Drobi...