February 2010 Blog Posts

My Talk with Don and Adam at TechDays 2010

It was TechDays this week and I was lucky enough to be invited to speak with Don Syme and Adam Granicz. Don gave a short introduction to mailboxes/agent programming in F# and Adam gave an introduction to IntelliFactory’s WebSharper project.   My section of the talk was on using F# with Microsoft Accelerator. Accelerator is an interesting product, it allows you to take advance of the GPU of your PC. Even the most basic PCs have a specialized graphics chip and for most of the tasks you perform on your PC it just sits there doing nothing. GPU are very good at...

FunctionalNHibernate: RCed and now with added build server

I’m very happy to announce that FunctionalNHibernate has now been updated to work with the recently released Visual Studio 2010 release candidate. Also, it has now been setup to run on the codebetter build server. You can create a log on and download the latest binaries from here (you need an account but it’s very simple to create one).   A huge thanks to Steffen Forkmann, who did the work to get this set up.

Functional Programming eXchange: The Videos

I’ve recently noticed that talks from Functional Programming eXchange, that I organized and spoke at, are now online. This is a great resource for people looking for some more advanced material on Functional Programming. So here are the videos:   SADEK DROBI: Computation Abstraction http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/cloud-grid/computation-abstraction   MATTHEW SACKMAN: Supercharged Rabbit: Resource Management at High Speed in Erlang http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/cloud-grid/supercharged-rabbit-resource-management-at-high-speed-in-erlang   ANTON SCHWAIGHOFER: F# and Units-of-measure for Technical Computing http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/cloud-grid/f-and-units-of-measure-for-technical-computing   GANESH SITTAMPALAM: Functional Programming for Quantitative Modeling at Credit Suisse http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/cloud-grid/functional-programming-for-quantitative-modelling-at-credit-suisse   DUNCAN COUTTS: Strong Types and Pure Functions http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/cloud-grid/strong-types-and-pure-functions   ROBERT PICKERING: Combinators, DSLs, HTML and F# http://skillsmatter.com/podcast/design-architecture/using-combinators-to-tackle-the-html-rendering-problem