February 2011 Blog Posts

Come and see me and other F# guru’s in Seattle!

I’m off to Seattle for the MVP summit very soon. I’ve arranged to meet with fellow F# fan’s Cameron Frederick and Richard Minerich at the Tap House Bar in Belleveue at 3:30pm on Sunday. Happy hour start at 3:30pm, so it should  be lots of fun. The address of the bar is 550 106th Avenue NE, Bellevue, which is near the hotels for the Summit. So come and join the F#UN!

Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer and F#

Recently I’ve doing a little work with Windows Phone 7. One aspect that interests me a lot is the integration of the Accelerometer. An accelerometer is a instrument that allows you to measure the forces acting on the telephone, including the force of gravity. This information will allow you to know what the orientation of the phone is and if the is moving or not. However there are a few challenges in interpreting is information. Firstly, the telephone’s accelerometer, when activated, will generate 50 events per second, so you will need to write code capable of analysing this volume of...