Beginning F# is here!

This morning there was an unexpected knock at the door and a courier arrived with a large package. I was quite surprised as hadn’t ordered anything. It turned out that it was my box of author copies of “Beginning F#”. So I’m happy to announce that “Beginning F#” is finally here and if you’ve pre-ordered it will be with you shortly.   “Beginning F#” is the updated version of “Foundation of F#”, it shares very much the same structure but I has been completely updated for the VS 2010 release of F#. I’ve also added an extra chapter on parallel programming as...


(Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently; this is the first of several posts I’ll be making this morning) I decided a little while ago that I’d like to change direction in my career and go back to consulting, after interviewing around a bit I decided to join ALTi. It was my first day on Monday, and so far I’m enjoying my first week, although obviously I’m just getting settled in. The thing I like most about the company so far is that they seem quite open to suggestions and seem will to let you develop your career in the direction...

What I’ve Been Doing

Now that the F# CTP is out, you may be wondering what I think of it. Well I’m planning to tell you in a later post, first let me explain what I’ve been up to: If you’re a follower of this blog you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of activity lately (apart from the short announcement about This is largely due to the fact I’ve moved house and have been doing a lot of gardening and DIY lately. I haven’t been entirely slack on the code front, I’ve started a couple of new projects, which probably deserve... and ALT.NET UK Summer Conference

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the JAOO conference in Aarhus, Denmark, 28th September till 3rd October. I’ll speak on 1st October and I’ll actually be at the conference 29th September till 1st October attending sessions. The title of my presentation is “Learning F# and the Functional Point of View” and you can see the full abstract here. I’m very pleased to have been invited to speak at conference were the other speakers include Martin Fowler, Anders Hejlsberg, and Erik Meijer, and I’m really looking forward to it. Feel free to drop me a...

Turning 30

I will be 30 on Friday, I’m to celebrate this I going to say on the small meditation island of Ile de Port Cros. In an effort to break my chronic email addiction I’m not taking a laptop, so don’t expect the second part of Immutability and Concurrency till next week!

verboseness repetitivity - google wack!

I found a google wack! Entering: verboseness repetitivity Gives one site: Suprising wack too since you'd think the two words go together. Interesting lexicon project too. I wasn't looking for one just using google to check a spelling.


Took advantage of the nice weather and went for a long cycle today, we came across quite a few chestnut trees and could help taking advantage of this free food. I think we got over 3 KG in the end   Saw plenty of people out mushrooming, would have liked to have gathered some of those too, but I don’t know enough about it so would have probably ended picking the poisonous ones.

Foundations of F# - Finally Here!

I recieved my copies of Foundation of F# today. Am I pleased about it? See for yourself:

New Look

You may have noticed that has a nice you look and feel. This was prompted by a major overhaul of the software I’m running. I upgraded from .text blogging software to subtext. While the difference between the two isn’t huge but I’m really pleased with the upgrade because they seem to have fixed virtually everything I didn’t like about .text. Also .text took nearly the whole day to setup and required me to hack the code base for to get it working with my former ISP, brinkster, whereas subtext only took about an hour to get going, including transferring...

Sun rise over the Seine Valley

Last September I as I’d walk to the RER station to catch the train to La Défense, I could not help notice how amazing the colours of the sun rise where. So one morning I got up early to take some photos here are the results.     The sky and the edge of the Chateaux The road leading to the terrace     The sun rise over La Défense     The mist covered Seine Valley

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