My Talk with Don and Adam at TechDays 2010

It was TechDays this week and I was lucky enough to be invited to speak with Don Syme and Adam Granicz. Don gave a short introduction to mailboxes/agent programming in F# and Adam gave an introduction to IntelliFactory’s WebSharper project.   My section of the talk was on using F# with Microsoft Accelerator. Accelerator is an interesting product, it allows you to take advance of the GPU of your PC. Even the most basic PCs have a specialized graphics chip and for most of the tasks you perform on your PC it just sits there doing nothing. GPU are very good at...

Speaking Engagements in Paris in October/November 2009

UPDATE:The talk tonight (29 Oct) at Zenika has been postoned till November due to unforeseen circumstances. I'll let you know the exact date as soon as it is confirmed. My apologies for this. I’ll be doing a talk about functional programming in F# at Zenika, this Thursday, 29th October at 19h, as part of their community program. The talk will cover what functional programming is and how a language like F# is adapted to functional programming. I’ll also be doing a talk at Epita with Laurent Le Brun on 12th November for the students at this college.


(Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently; this is the first of several posts I’ll be making this morning) I decided a little while ago that I’d like to change direction in my career and go back to consulting, after interviewing around a bit I decided to join ALTi. It was my first day on Monday, and so far I’m enjoying my first week, although obviously I’m just getting settled in. The thing I like most about the company so far is that they seem quite open to suggestions and seem will to let you develop your career in the direction...

How to Recognise Code Constructs (from quite a long way away)

No. 1 the Foreach Loop Last weekend I attended JB Evian’s code camp in the l’Ardeche département in the south of France, just to the north of the Provence region that forms the south east part of the French Mediterranean coast. (I was very interested in visiting this area since my wife and I became begin fans of Nigel Farrell’s “A Place in the France”  and  “A Place in the France – Indian Summer” when we first move to France, Nigel’s problems seem to dwarf any we had and helped put things in perspective). Anyway the aim of the project was to create...

Artist Models on Strike

The models at Paris’ prestigious art school “Beaux Arts” intend to strike today over the mayor of Paris' decision to ban the tips that students pay to them. Traditionally at the end of the session, if the students liked the model because they sat still or because they inspired their imagination, they pay a small tip called “cornet”. The mayor of Paris has decided to bad this practice because it is paid directly to the model in cash and so not taxed and therefore “argent au noir”. This decision does seem a little mean given that the models are paid...

Prochaine réunion d’ de Paris - mercredi 4 juin, 20h00 - Le Café des Initiés

La prochain réunion d’ de Paris aura lieu mercredi 4 juin, 20h00 à le « Le Café des Initiés », 3, Place des Deux Ecus, 75001 Paris. Moi, Julien et Symon sera là, et vous ? ---- The next meeting of Paris will take place on Wednesday 4th June at the “Café des Inities”, 3, Place des Deux Ecus, 75001 Paris. Symon, Julien and I will be there, will you?

Reportage : le première de Paris réunion

La première réunion a très bien passé, nous étions cinq, pas mal pour une réunion organisé en moins qu’une semaine. On s’est vu dans le « frog et rosbif », peut-être pas le meilleur choisi de lieu, normalement j’aime bien cette pub, mais ce soir là ils ont eu un match de foot à la télé et c’était trop bruyant. Donc, on a bu un verre d’hors de la pub et on est allé au « les têtes brûlées » juste à côté qui était plus calme et plus agréable. On a beaucoup discuté NHibernant, qui était très utilise pour moi, parce que je ne... de Paris

Le mouvement s’agit de un groupe  des développeurs qui s’organisent eux-mêmes et qui sont intéressés par l’amélioration du processus de la création de logiciel. Ils sont intéressés par des outils .NET open source comme nunit, nant, et mais surtout dans des techniques comme « agile », « test driven development », et « design patterns ». Après le réussit de leur conférence global à Seattle il y a un vague des groupes locale qui s’organise, et donc des adhérents de la liste parisien ont décidé de organise un de Paris. La première réunion d’ de Paris aura lieu mercredi 30 avril, 20h00 à le...


Took advantage of the nice weather and went for a long cycle today, we came across quite a few chestnut trees and could help taking advantage of this free food. I think we got over 3 KG in the end   Saw plenty of people out mushrooming, would have liked to have gathered some of those too, but I don’t know enough about it so would have probably ended picking the poisonous ones.

Ségolène’s Election Blues

So apparently there’s an election for a new president in France at the moment. I don’t know how much appears in the media outside of France, but here you can read about little else. Well that’s not strictly true – but it seems to me no edition of my preferred newspaper, le Parisien (also probably the paper that one that requires the lowest level of French), is complete without at least 2 stories about the left’s presidential hopeful, Ségolène Royal, and one about the right’s Nicolas Sarkozy. The problem for Ségolène is she isn’t doing too well at the moment, despite starting...

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